My dog did well in class. He's much more attentive now. I feel more confident about handling my dog since I did this course. Adriana is very good, enthusiastic and full of knowledge. I've gained a lot more confidence working with Mac now.

Heather Clever & Mac - 20 week old Labradoodle - Chelsea Heights

I learnt a lot in the Junior Puppy School course. Adriana handled puppies really well, she approached them in a non confrontational manner and kept them calm. All area I wanted were covered well. Puppy's behaviour has improved a great deal: he's toilet trained, stop jumping on us and we are getting along better  with him and enjoying our relationship a lot more. Instructor was really nice, good with dogs and she made time to answer all our questions.

Jessica Crowe & Becca - 18 week old Border Collie - Aspendale Gardens 






My dog is walking on loose leash now. Has mastered: target hand, watch me, mat training, stays, stand, wait and sits politely to greet people now. Excellent course and class curriculum. Greta & I had a great time! Your patience with Greta and I was fantastic! The last class outside was fantastic also. Pet Pals has great trainers! Thanks for all top training notes.

Christine & Greta - 4yo Standard Poodle - Patterson Lakes

We enjoyed the course a lot. her attention span particularly and the 'Look'command is much better now as well as her recall. I've been using all we learnt in the course, we are doing well. Adriana was very nice and she offered extra help to us. We enjoyed very much the venue and the course notes.

James Le Breton & Millie - 9 mth old Border Collie - Chelsea Heights

Max listens better to us now. He's doing well since we attended the course. He listens better and he obeys commands promptly. We both learnt a lot. The walking area at the back is great, you could land a plane on it! Adriana is a very lovely lady, genuine animal person, knowledgeable. I'm telling anyone with a dog about you for recommendations. Superb course notes! 

Adrian & Millie Mooring & Max - 19 mth old Cavoodle - Patterson Lakes


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