We enjoyed Puppy School a lot. Instructor was very professional, informative and knowledgeable. Buddy is much calmer now. I enjoy seeing him playing with other puppies. Very relevant course for us.

Sam De Souza & Buddy - 12 week old Golden Retriever - Bonbeach

Adriana had a good knowledge of dog behaviour. I loved seeing puppies get better at meeting each other and learning how to get your dog doing something for you.

Course was great!

Cherylee Biggles & Pemoleta - 12 week old Miniature Poodle - Bonbeach

Adriana is a very good instructor. Well experienced with puppies and dogs. The venue was great and the course well structured. Puppy has learnt commands, is toilet trained and stopped jumping on us. Very happy with results.

Mali & Kevin - 16 weeks old Rottweiller - Dandenong

Good work Adriana! Enjoyed everything really. Allegra is more settled and better behaved in general. I loved seeing her play with other puppies. Thanks a lot!

Corinne March & Allegra - 16 week old Staffy - Chelsea

Trainer handled puppies in a caring manner. Adriana communicates well and has a great knowledge of dogs.

Stacey Green & 16 weeks old Maltese Shitzu - Aspendale

Adriana was very patient with all the dogs, owners and always willing to help. She was great and very helpful with all of the questions we had. I enjoyed puppy play and learning how to reinforce training. Trev has improved a lot and I have been practicing all commands we've learnt.

Kate Price & Trev - 12 week old Mini Labradoodle - Chelsea Heights

Pet Pals was fantastic training for my puppy. Staff was very helpful and accommodating. Well worth the money and time. Thanks again for everything !

Marita & Bubbles - 10 week old Toy Poodle - Springvale

Adriana was caring and confident. My puppy is responding well to commands.Wonderful course notes. 

Therese Lee & Harvey - 14 week old Labrador - Bonbeach

Puppy general manners improved a lot. I really enjoyed the course. Appropriate length. Excellent instructor! Keep me informed on next level.

Angie Bland & Jex - 16 week old Staffy - Edithvale

My puppy behaviour has improved a lot since Puppy School with Pet Pals Dog Training. Liked the course very much. Puppy did well in class and I learnt lots of new things including puppy training and handling. Using commands we learnt in class in daily life. Great trainer. Many thanks.

Giselle Ribet & 15 week old Ridgeback - Aussie Bulldog - Aspendale