Keep an eye on your local Council website - Pets section - for general information on Local Laws

It's important to keep informed about your local Council - Pets information

I am based in the Kingston Council area.

Pet Pals Dog Training & Local Laws:

We are a registered animal business with the local Council.

We get audited every year for compliance with our Council registration payment, they check our car, Pet First Aid Kit, our Public Liability Insurance & Professional Idemnity documents, Police Check, professional qualification as a dog trainer, agreement letter with local Vet, occupational health & safety procedures.

Pet owners:

Dogs & cats need to be registered with their local Council.

Council registration year goes from 10/04 until the following year.

It's important to have your pet with all their paperwork updated and fees paid.

Your local Council has a Pet page and in there you find relevant information about responsible pet ownership, park off leash areas, laws that you should know and follow as a pet owner.

For Kingston the Link is:

The Victorian Agriculture website is a great source of information for Animal Welfare Acts in Victoria, cats & dogs registration, reporting of animal cruelty, desexing, number of pets you can keep in a residential area and more..

If you own a pet, it's worth a look as a very educational resource.

The Link is:

If you own a pet, it's really important to microchip it and to have the Council registration number and another form of ID in your pet's collar with the pet's name, your name and your contact mobile or phone number, so if your pet got lost or escape your property, whoever finds it can quickly identify your pet and call its owner immediately.

Whenever you change address, please update your records asap - very important !

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