Private classes can be fun too...

Puppy School - Junior Puppy School - Life Skills & Manners dog courses

- new private one on one courses available starting now

- 5 weeks Puppy & Junior Puppy

- 6 weeks Life Skills & Manners

- at your home and/ or nearby where you live in a variety of settings where

your dog's behaviour needs to improve

- suitable for very excitable dogs that wouldn't do well in a group class

- pet dog owners who work shift work and cannot commit to the same day every

week as they work all sorts of hours

- newly adopted shelter dogs

- reactive dogs

- classes can be weekly or fortnightly

- we can choose Pet Pals Dog Training course programs or we can work on the course

program content together

- we value your input

- Contact us for a chat on 0416 971 051 or

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Sth Eastern Melbourne based 

Office Hours:  Mon - Fri  8:30am  -  5:30pm

  Dog Training & Owner Education :  Monday to Friday

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puppies playing
Oops, I can't quite make it !
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Puppy School @ Scout Hall
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Boy & pet dog in training with us
Dog training @ the park
Baxter @ home puppy visit
Abby @ Pet Pals Puppy School
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Level 1 Basic Manners training group
ZED Level 1 Manners student