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Pet Dog Training 

ABN: 77 639 751 455




Equipment suitable to be used in our classes & courses:


  • Walking harnesses – with front leash attachment, with chest & top lead attachments or top lead attachment only

  • collar & leads

  • head halters like the: Halti & gentle leader

  • We teach Positive Reinforcement dog training methods, force free – so no slip/ choker chains to be used in our courses/ classes. And please don’t have your dog wearing retractable leads as they are unsafe to be used in our courses.




  • We don’t do puppy/ dog training or leash walking training when the temperatures reach below 4C outdoors @ wintertime or over 35C in summer and in extreme weather conditions. In these situations we’ll reschedule the course or class with the client for another suitable time/ day agreed by both dog trainer & client - on the same week or the following week, whatever suits them both and we’ll be in touch with the client the day before.




  • We don’t work with dangerous dogs. These cases are referred by us to a Veterinarian Behaviourist.

  • We do work with puppies or dogs that show low & mild reactivity towards people & other dogs

  • Each dog that starts our training programs needs to be properly assessed by Adriana Milne - the head dog trainer for suitability for our programs/ private classes. This occurs on the first training session.

  • If the puppy / dog is found unsuitable for the particular program of clients’ choice, head dog trainer may suggest another better one for this particular dog and any price adjustments will be made accordingly.




  • We accept the following methods of payment:

   - Internet banking 

   - Cash on the first day of training program/ course

   - Credit card payments via Square


HOW TO BOOK for Dog Training – courses – Behavioural Modification


  • Puppy School, Junior Puppy School, Life Skills & Manners private courses  have to be pre-booked and paid for before starting date

  • Dog Training & Behavioural Modification packages of few visits need to be pre-booked and paid for in advance

  • Before we start training all the booking & enrolment forms & puppies/ dogs vaccination paperwork has to be processed

  • Clients have up to 6 months to finish any puppy/ dog courses and dog training- behavioural modification packages that have been pre-purchased keeping in mind that the recommendation is to have weekly or fortnightly sessions for quicker improvements and better outcomes for all involved.


Refunds – Cancellation Policy


If a client becomes very ill or a family emergency does occur and they cannot do the respective course or program they have enrolled their puppy/ dog in - a full refund will be issued to them. Some evidence of the situation may be asked on discretion.


General Liability Waiver

Pet Pals Dog Training are not liable for any injury to your dog or persons attending sessions. Whilst all care is taken during training if any dog during a training session causes injury, Pet Pals Dog Training and its employees are not liable for any costs arising out of such damage. Responsibility lies with the owner of the dog or person responsible. Reactive dogs must be handled by an adult person only.

If Pet Pals Dog Training finds that a dog isn’t suitable from participating in class or in a program for reasons related to the health and safety, the client will be notified and if the dog can’t join the program, a Veterinarian referral and course/program full payment refund will be issued to the respective client.

I understand and agree to abide by the above terms and conditions. 

I certify that the information given to Pet Pals Dog Training is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

In times of COVID – Precautions

If the client or a member of its immediate family acquires COVID they are to let Adriana Milne know asap and the training session will be cancelled and reschedule to a suitable date/ time after the client and its family member has recovered from COVID and has done its period of isolation.

Adriana Milne has been vaccinated with Pfizer 4 times and has had a flu injection in 2022. Adriana always wears a face mask indoors when visiting a client on its own home.

Pet Pals Dog Training contact details:

Adriana Milne – head trainer & manager

E-mail:   Mob: 0416 971 051

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