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Join Adriana Milne on 'Zoomies'
- a show about Dogs! 

  • Episode 1
    Adriana Milne introducing herself and her previous background Breed Profile: Labrador Retriever
  • Episode 2
    Dog socialization & off leash parks; dogs & children; environment enrichment for puppies; Breed Profile: Jack Russell
  • Episode 3
    Dog walking manners; Event: The Pet Show - Melbourne, dogs not suitable to use dog off leash parks, Breed Profile: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & the Staffordshire Terrier
  • Episode 4
    Travelling with your dog; getting a new pet for the family; house boundaries & mat training for calm behaviour indoors; Breed Profile: the Kelpie
  • Episode 5
    Dog senses, desexing dogs; Adriana chats about a funny story during her pet sitting days- Nemo the fish & Adriana sad story about when her horse - James passed away and she discusses pet cremation
  • Episode 6
    Tips on choosing a Puppy School & Dog School for your dog: what to look for; paralysis ticks & poisons for dogs; Breed Profile: the Dalmatian
  • Episode 7
    Guest interview with Sandra Bader from Paws 4 Paws - a K9 Myotherapist. We talk about canine rehabilitation from injuries, K9 remedial massage and injury prevention, safe surfaces for dogs indoors; her experiences with her dogs and dog ownership her native country of Germany
  • Episode 8
    dog ownership in human senior years - the positives & the challenges they may face; Delta Therapy dogs; Events: RSPCA Million Paws walk; dog recall tips; Breed Profile: the English Cocker Spaniel
  • Episode 9
    guest interview with Erin Williams from 'Beyond Dog Training' Erin is a force free dog trainer from the Upper Hunter Valley region of NSW and she specializes in 'Livestock Guardian dog breeds' such as: the Maremmas, Anatolians, Great Pyrenees Shepherd dogs and she helps train these breeds and help local farmers who need these dogs to work in the local farms looking after flocks and guarding stock, chicken and so ...
  • Episode 10
    how my dog came into my life; new puppy challenges; books recommendations; Breed Profile: Australian Cattle Dog
  • Episode 11
    Tips on what to get for & home safety check before you bring a new puppy/ dog home; environment enrichment for dogs; boredom buster toys; dog trainers work together with client's Vets/ Vet Behaviourists & how referrals work; Breed Profile: Lhasa Apso
  • Episode 12
    guest interview with Jude Corsar. She shares with us her experiences of 35 years working as a dog groomer. She used to run Wags Dog Grooming in Chelsea, sth eastern Melbourne. We chat about dog grooming tips, her experiences grooming dogs, fun stories, few bites she had during her days, grooming cats, dog grooming challenges during Covid period, husbandry procedures to teach a client dog to make the life of a groomer much easier & how is her life in retirement
  • Episode 13
    gorgeous day tours to take with your dog- Gourmet Pawprints company tours; dogs & horses; Breed Profile; German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Episode 14
    guest interview with Jari-Ann Castle from Jari Castle Dog Training. Jari talk to us about reactive & aggressive dogs- her specialization, her role working in the RSPCA, how she started in dog training and her past experience as owner of Boroondara Dog Training dog school in the East Melbourne suburbs.
  • Episode 15
    Adriana's guest is Chiara Perri, owner/senior behavioural trainer @ Point Cook Dog Training & Day Care. Chiara is a professional certified force free dog trainer. In this episode Adriana & Chiara chat about dog day care, suitability of puppies & dogs to attend day care, dog to dog interactions, her role as a Mind Dog Trainer & Assessor, what is a Mind Dog, how they can help people with mental health issues and her dog training journey.
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