Is my dog suitable to join a group class @ a dog school?

Dog learning trick training

Some dogs do well in a dog class, others don't.

Dogs which have done Puppy School in a dog training school and which have been well socialized since puppies will have some level of experience in a similar environment and may settle better then those who have never been in this situation before.

Other factors that may influence are:

- dog's age

- ability of dog and owner to focus in a group class situation

- how does the dog behave every time he/ she sees other dogs? Any over excitement

or reactivity displayed?

- level of experience and qualification of the dog trainer

- is it a good and large enough venue so dogs and owners can have enough room to

spread around nicely? Ideally each dog should have at least about 1.40cm distance

from one another - or approximately 1 leads' length in between them

- is the dog going to join a small group class or a big class (over 8 dogs in the group)

- level of expectation of dog owner about a dog group class. Bearing in mind that in

a group class the instructor has to distribute their attention in between all dogs &

people in a even manner and to follow a dog training program and class plan.

- previous communication / information you've shared about your dog with the

class instructor

Before you join and enrol in a dog school class you should:

- check the qualification of the dog trainer and the training methods

he/ she offers. Only choose positive reinforcement , force free trainers

- talk about your dog over the phone with the trainer and ask questions. You may

even ask if you could come and check 1 of their classes before you join in.

Only communication over e-mails or checking their Social Media pages isn&