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What to pack for your dog for the holiday

Is your dog coming with you on your holiday?

How exciting ! It can be a big adventure for them...

But remember, don't leave your dog alone in a hot car.

What to pack for the trip:

  • make a list of all you need ahead of time, so nothing is forgotten

  • dog food: all of it - you can measure in advance how much you'll need it for the time you are away

  • a dog bed

  • a dog mat

  • dog poo bags

  • a 2 of dog blankets for the colder nights, yes it's summer but weather can be unpredictable

  • plenty of towels

  • a 2 of water bowls

  • a 2 of food bowls

  • favourite toys & food dispensing toys like: licky mats, Kongs

  • a dog backpack so you can wear it and put inside whatever you may need during your longer walks with your dog or day trips by car

  • portable water bowl and water bottle to have during your 'walkies' with dog

  • a shampoo and conditioner for washing dog after the beach swim

  • a grooming kit - with brush, comb, a bowl for rinsing excess water

  • a bandana if you like your dog wearing on its outings

  • lead, collar, a walkig harness if dog wears one

  • a dog crate if you use it on a regular basis with your dog

  • a waterproof jacket for rainy and colder days

  • any medicines your dog may take

Dogs need toilet breaks during long car trips and a chance to stretch their paws too, like us.

Please remember that when on a holiday you'll be sharing spaces wiht other people.

Please be considerate of other holidaymakers and keep your dog noise levels - down.

Monitor the dog for any signs of stress it may display and don't put your dog in situations it'll be uncomfortable.

And don't forget to have fun with your family & your pet dog.

It'll be a great family experience for all involved !

A Merry Christmas & a safe holiday ahead !

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