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Adriana Milne is presenting PPGA July webinar

Pet Professional Guild Australia is having us presenting its July webinar.

TOPIC: Tips on using Pet Services - Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Dog Day Care services

Date: Thursday July 27th @ 7pm

It can be watched 'Live' - you can ask questions after the presentation or later on as it'll be recorded.

Adriana has previously run a dog walking, pet sitting service for 17 years before specializing in Dog Training. So she has plenty of insight experience on these topics.

Many of the puppies/ dogs she helped socialize and look after, came from her Puppy, Junior Puppy classes and they all had a fantastic time on their weekly outings with friends. They've learnt precious skills for life.

What we'll cover:

  • where to find such services

  • minimum qualifications you should look for when searching for a professional to look after your dog

  • puppies/ dogs that may suitable to use these services & dogs that may not be suitable

  • pros & cons of using these services

  • which other alternatives may be out there for your dog

  • how these services can help you when you go away on holidays, have a period of poor health, during pregnancy, on days when you work long hours

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