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How to prevent separation anxiety in puppies/ dogs after working long periods at home

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

During the recent period COVID-19 isolation period many people decided to get a puppy or to adopt a new dog. It may have been a great idea at the time for some who were working from home since they had more time to dedicate to a new pet. But as restrictions start getting more relaxed and once pet owners return back to work at their company offices, kids go back to school full time and their lives return to what it was before ( soon we hope!) - their new family pet is likely to miss all the attention they were having before. And it may fret. Each puppy and/ or dog may behave differently to their owners' absence.

It's important to start doing exercises with your puppy/ dog before this period returns, otherwise your puppy/ dog may develop signs of separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can become a serious matter so you really should be pro active and get professional advice on this and guidance. There are many exercises you can do with your puppy/ dog at home well before your routine goes back to normal. Being pro active is very important to set up your new puppy/ dog for success in life and to avoid behavioural problems. And there's where we can help you with proper professional advice. We are offering Skype, Zoom and Telephone consultations at present and we can certainly help guide you and your family.

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