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Tips when buying a new puppy

Your first puppy

With Christmas approaching and pet shops receiving large numbers of puppies many people start thinking about puppies as possible Xmas gifts.

My main tips on this matter would be:

- is the possible puppy owner ready for the

commitment of puppy ownership?

- can they afford caring, feeding, looking after the puppy, have time to train it properly and enrolling into a good puppy training school?

- do they have any knowledge on how to look after a puppy?

- do the other family members agree with this decision?

- do they have a good sized backyard and room indoors to keep it

Other points to consider:

- don't buy on impulse, give it a good thought first

Puppies aren't just a Xmas present. Dogs can live up to 14 years so person would

need to be wiling to care for the pet during all that time

- if willing to go ahead: buy a puppy from a reputable breeder

- research the breed first, if suitable for the person's lifestyle, don't buy only

based on looks, because it looks cute as all puppies do.

- if possible Vet check puppy to check for good health, conformation and


- check all puppy papers and vaccination cards

- in the case of a breeder - never buy a puppy from someone who doesn't want you

to see where they keep the puppies

- if possible meet the puppy parents to check if both have good temperament

And good luck with it. Be rational and not just impulsive.

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