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Just got a new puppy/ dog? Start training it now. Teach good habits from the start ...

We'll be working through the Christmas/ January holiday period, with the exception of Christmas Day/ Boxing Day & New Year's Day.

Don't wait until Puppy School or Dog School restarts in the New Year.

Start training your puppy or new dog right now.

The incredible advantages of doing it asap and having a dog trainer come to you or even having a Zoom session with a trainer once you got your new puppy/ dog - even if you live in regional Victoria, interstate or far away form the trainer's service area - is that you can start teaching it some basics and house manners early on, so your puppy/ dog will not develop bad habits that you'll have to 'fix' later on. And training really starts @ home, once you get your puppy/ dog in its new home.

New puppy/ dog owners need a lot of guidance too, so nothing tops having a dog trainer one on one just for yourself, to go with you through all your doubts and to teach you 'How Dogs Learn'.

To chat with us, you can call us on 0416 971 051, E-mail: or message us on

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