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Dogs off leash - Where it is ok for them to be off leash, where it isn't...

Great places to have your dog off leash if it's properly trained on recall and well socialized with other dogs:

- the off leash park

- the off leash beach area @ suitable hours

- any other designated off leash area

Places not to have your dog off leash and why not:

- streets Why? A: dog can get excited in the presence of another dog, cat, run onto

the road and be hit by a car or other oncoming dog on leash may be a reactive dog and your dog may wish to say 'Hi' to the other dog and it may have a go at your dog

- dog off leash area when you are with your baby in the baby pusher or while caring

for a toddler

Why? A: a group of dogs may come running towards the baby pusher

and knock it down in the excitement of meeting the new visitor dog

and in the case of a toddler same thing, there are much safer places

for a young child to meet a dog and to interact with a dog

- in front of your house's garden - if your house doesn't have a front gate

Why? A: your dog can be territorial and see the Council land strip in front of its house as part of its 'patch' or 'zone' and try to protect it, then attacking the dog passing in front of its house

- on wildlife parks Why? A: dogs can kill wildlife. Wildlife needs to be protected

and cared for. Not mentioning about 'legalized hunting' here. But the stroll/

bushwalk in a wildlife park. Read park signage and please follow instructions.

- on golf courses Why? A: not the place to be. Can you imagine dogs trying to

chase golf balls? What a mess...

- on horse equestrian trials Why? A: danger of them wanting to chase the horses

and scaring the horses, danger to horse riders too

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