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No place in Dog Training for aversive equipment use

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Positive force free dog trainers don't use neither recommend their clients to use such equipments:

- Electronic collars or e-collars

- Electric fences to restrain dogs

- Prong collars (illegal in the state of Victoria)

- Chocker chains or slip chains

- Martingale collars

- Extendable & retractable leads

As there are far more gentle, kind and efficient dog walking equipment that can be tried such as a flat collar and lead, a walking harness H or Y shape.

Please keep in mind that when teaching your young puppy or newly adopted dog to walk nicely on the lead, the most effective way is to have a dog trainer working with you and your puppy/ dog as if used inappropriately even a dog walking harness can cause injury to a dog that pulls too much.

Teaching your dog to walk on loose leash is one of the most important things you can do in its life. prevention of injury for your dog and yourself.

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