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Puppy/ Dog Training starts @ Home

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Dogs are great fun, human companionship and they give you lots of affection.

Who doesn't like having a cute waggling tail greeting you when you come home from work or a day out?

If you just got a new puppy, adopted a shelter dog or simply just got a new dog in your life, it's great to join a puppy/ dog school class but the first priority should actually be to start teaching the new puppy/ dog in its new home, setting it up for success in its new house.

So that's when Private Dog Training can help you...

Pet Pals Private Home Training works with the dog's owner and family and we can cover all aspects of:


- new puppy owners guidance

- first puppy pawprints in life once it gets to its new home

- starting the puppy into training

- introduction to lead walking (much better done privately as less distractions for puppy)

- puppy first outings

- mouthing, jumping up on people, toilet training, suitable toys, what to buy for puppy, environment enrichment

- lots more...

PUPPY SCHOOL - one on one & with outings

- Private Puppy (8-12 weeks) ,

- Junior Puppy ( 13 - 20 weeks) &

- Juvenile Puppy School (6 mths - 1 year of age)

ADULT & ADOPTED DOG - one on one

- Home visits to help settle dog at home

- Introduction to training

- Introduction to loose lead walking

- Boundaries at home

- Settling & self control

- Meeting people & dogs politely

- Safety around children

- And lots more...

PRIVATE DOG COURSE - one on one and with outings

- Course: Life Skills & Manners

- for puppies/ dogs 6 months and over - Adult age

- Puppies 6 months of age - 1 yr have the option to attend the Juvenile Puppy School course too

- We work on course content together to suit your specific needs

Chat with us and we can tailor private training to your requirements

E-mail: Mob: 0416 971 051

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