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Some of our Testimonials

Extracted from our client's Feedback forms:


We enjoyed Puppy School a lot. Instructor was very professional, informative and knowledgeable. Buddy is much calmer now. I enjoy seeing him playing with other puppies. Very relevant course for us.

Sam De Souza & Buddy - 12 week old Golden Retriever - Bonbeach

Adriana had a good knowledge of dog behaviour. I loved seeing puppies get better at meeting each other and learning how to get your dog doing something for you. Course was great!

​Cherylee Biggles & Pemoleta - 12 week old Miniature Poodle - Bonbeach

Adriana is a very good instructor. Well experienced with puppies and dogs. The venue was great and the course well structured. Puppy has learnt commands, is toilet trained and stopped jumping on us. Very happy with results.

​Mali & Kevin - 16 weeks old Rottweiller - Dandenong

Good work Adriana! Enjoyed everything really. Allegra is more settled and better behaved in general. I loved seeing her play with other puppies. Thanks a lot!

​Corinne March & Allegra - 16 week old Staffy - Chelsea

Trainer handled puppies in a caring manner. Adriana communicates well and has a great knowledge of dogs.

​Stacey Green & 16 weeks old Maltese Shitzu - Aspendale

Adriana was very patient with all the dogs, owners and always willing to help. She was great and very helpful with all of the questions we had. I enjoyed puppy play and learning how to reinforce training. Trev has improved a lot and I have been practicing all commands we've learnt.

​Kate Price & Trev - 12 week old Mini Labradoodle - Chelsea Heights

Pet Pals was fantastic training for my puppy. Staff was very helpful and accommodating. Well worth the money and time. Thanks again for everything !

Marita & Bubbles - 10 week old Toy Poodle - Springvale

Adriana was caring and confident. My puppy is responding well to commands.

Wonderful course notes.

​Therese Lee & Harvey - 14 week old Labrador - Bonbeach

Puppy general manners improved a lot. I really enjoyed the course. Appropriate length. Excellent instructor! Keep me informed on next level.

​Angie Bland & Jex - 16 week old Staffy - Edithvale

My puppy behaviour has improved a lot since Puppy School with Pet Pals Dog Training. Liked the course very much. Puppy did well in class and I learnt lots of new things including puppy training and handling. Using commands we learnt in class in daily life. Great trainer. Many thanks.

​Giselle Ribet & 15 week old Ridgeback - Aussie Bulldog – Aspendale


My dog did well in class. He's much more attentive now. I feel more confident about handling my dog since I did this course. Adriana is very good, enthusiastic and full of knowledge. I've gained a lot more confidence working with Mac now.

Heather Clever & Mac - 20 week old Labradoodle - Chelsea Heights

I learnt a lot in the Junior Puppy School course. Adriana handled puppies really well, she approached them in a non confrontational manner and kept them calm. All areas I wanted were covered really well. Puppy's behaviour has improved a great deal: he's toilet trained, stopped jumping on us and we are getting along better with him and enjoying our relationship a lot more. Instructor was really nice, good with dogs and she made time to answer all our questions.

Jessica Crowe & Becca - 18 week old Border Collie - Aspendale Gardens


My dog is walking on loose leash now. Has mastered: target hand, watch me, mat training, stays, stand, wait and sits politely to greet people now. Excellent course and class curriculum. Greta & I had a great time! Your patience with Greta and I was fantastic! The last class outside was fantastic also. Pet Pals has great trainers! Thanks for all top training notes.

Christine & Greta - 4yo Standard Poodle - Patterson Lakes

We enjoyed the course a lot. Her attention span particularly and the 'Look' command is much better now as well as her recall. I've been using all we learnt in the course, we are doing well. Adriana was very nice and she offered extra help to us. We enjoyed very much the venue and the course notes.

James Le Breton & Millie - 9 mth old Border Collie - Chelsea Heights

Max listens better to us now. He's doing well since we attended the course. He listens better and he obeys commands promptly. We both learnt a lot. The walking area at the back is great, you could land a plane on it! Adriana is a very lovely lady, genuine animal person, knowledgeable. I'm telling anyone with a dog about you for recommendations. Superb course notes!

Adrian & Millie Mooring & Max - 19 mth old Cavoodle - Patterson


It was lovely to meet you too, your notes are amazing and so thorough...thank you!

We're going to take some time over the next couple of weeks to really work together and get some consistency in place, in particular, our commands as they are still a little out of sync. We will also take your notes onboard as well and start incorporating into our day to day routine. Thank you so much for all your help!

Lee Sorby - George & Henry - 1 yr 10 mths old- French Bulldogs - Bonbeach

Sasha's behaviour is much better now. Sleeping well in her crate at night and not crying, not as mouthy. She doesn't jump on us for attention anymore. She learnt to have fun in the backyard and thank you so much for all the environment enrichment toys ideas you gave us. So much information you provided us with and it's making a lot of difference now. We needed to be educated too!

Tendai Angellah & Sasha - 10 week old female German Shephard- Cranbourne

My dog pulled on the lead a lot. He is a Bull Terrier-very strong. So I contacted Adriana.

We had 4 walking sessions together. We fitted him with a proper walking harness and I understood how to get his attention on me while outdoors, how to reward him when he walked close to my leg, what to do when he pulled ahead of me... Now I can take him everywhere with me, I lead the way not him, no more pain in my shoulder, no more been dragged around the streets. I'm really happy with the great results!

Lee Kraemer- 2 yo Bull Terrier - Bonbeach

I did the Level 1 Basic Manners course with Pet Pals and I decided to have private lessons as well. My lively Cavoodle barked a lot when home alone. After filling a detailed form, a diary and putting some training strategies in place, including a webcam to track when it happened, Adriana designed a training program for me to follow. She came 3 times and after that things started improving a lot. I was at fault too. I was giving attention when he barked and letting him follow me around the house, what made things a lot worse.

We implemented some environment enrichment for him, an outing middle of the day with a dog walker on days I worked long hours and after few months what a difference!

Justin & Becca Springwood - 6mth old Cavoodle - Carrum Downs


It is my opinion, that after seeing the significant change in him with just ONE visit from you, that his previous owners had absolutely no idea what they were doing and the 18 year old did what 18 years do and kept Loki in a heightened state of arousal, which has resulted in severe anxiety, YOU have given him permission to be calm and shown him how to be calm. When are you available next week? And then we’ll book the following week . I cannot be happier. He still has a way to go, BUT I am super happy!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Quincy Nash & Loki - 17mth old male Doberman - Narrewarren

My naughty Staffy was destroying the backyard. And if it wasn't enough she started to chew parts of the house. She chewed the fence, the outdoor furniture and cushions, the sprinkler system, the back door trying to get in. She suffered from separation anxiety and stressed when we weren't home. I adopted her from the shelter and I didn't know much of her past history. We had weekly behavioural modifications sessions with Adriana. And finally things changed. Sabine has many stuffed kongs at different times of the day and things to do in the backyard now. She has been a much calmer and happier dog since we did the training. And I learnt a lot about dog behaviour and how to be a better pet parent for her.

Thank you so much Adriana.

Sabine Wolters - 1 1/2yo Staffy - Patterson Lakes

I had a baby and when I brought baby home my Border Collie- Jess didn't like the idea and started behaving strange towards the baby. Initially I thought she was a bit jealous and that it'd stop soon. But things got worse and I decided to get professional help. So I talked to Adriana and she came to our rescue. Happy family now.

Sue Rains & Jess - 4 yo old Border Collie – Parkdale


" I saw Adriana working other dog and she really impressed me. I had been using another company but they let me down so I then made contact with Adriana and she is great. She does training dog walks and I get a written report on all the walks and training she does with my dogs."

" I have my dog walked and trained by Pet Pals and I find them to be very reliable, punctual and trustworthy. The owner is a very nice person to deal with and my dog just loves going out with her which says a lot to me and shows just what a great job she does. She is very professional in every way. "


" Pet Pals are exemplary in customer service delivery. My expectations have been exceeded in all my dealings with them. The owner walks my dog and is very professional, friendly, and will go above and beyond the call of duty. She once took my dog to the Vet because she was aware the animal was unwell. This action ended up saving my dog's life. I trust her completely. "

" I haven't found any other company that provides such good service for pets - Adriana is fantastic. She is very consistent and very professional. It is her love for the animals that shines through - she ha genuine love for all animals so you feel very confident leaving your pets in her care. "

" We used to take our dogs to a kennel and although one loved it, the other hated going to the kennel. So it was great when we found this service. The arrangements were for 2 visits per day and when we first met Adriana, the dogs just loved her. She is so helpful when you are away. She covers all the bases and goes above and beyond the call of service. To know that the animals are well cared for, in their own home, is fantastic - gives you peace of mind. "

" This lady is one of the most genuine pet lovers I have ever seen. When I'm on holidays she comes to my house and feeds and plays with my 2 cats. She is most trustworthy, very professional and considerate. She bonded straight off with my 2 cats and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. "

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